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No one likes to work inefficiently. So why settle for just working out when you can optimize your workouts, instead? Here are 3 excellent ways to create more effective workouts—and cut the bad habits that will only weigh you down.

1. Doing too much cardio

Focusing too hard on cardio and skimping on other exercises can take a toll on your muscles and overall physique. Though it can help to shed a lot of unwanted calories and fat, overdoing it can eventually lead to muscle breakdown and decrease your strength. Swapping out your usual cardio with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions can help to accomplish the same goals your cardio workouts would, while still keeping your muscles strong and improving your total body strength.

2. Starving and not eating the right foods

While you may think eating fewer meals is the key to weight loss, in actuality, eating enough to fuel your workouts and focusing on the right foods is the real key. When starting any weight loss journey, you can find yourself falling into the trap of avoiding food at all costs and working out more because you just want to lose the weight. But starving yourself is counterproductive in the long run, especially when working out. If you fail to fuel up properly after a workout, your body will begin to break down your muscles into amino acids to convert into glucose to provide fuel. A healthy meal consisting of protein, fat, and healthy carbs should be your go-to after a sweaty session.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Failing to get adequate sleep after a hard workout will make it impossible for your muscles to recover properly, which will in turn affect your future workouts. Additionally, getting enough sleep helps to reduce cortisol levels, which are at their peak during your workout and crucial to a number of functions including fat loss and recovery. Aiming to get the required 8 hours of sleep nightly will do wonders for your body and help you to see the results you’ve been working so hard for.


Your bad habits only hold you back from reaching your full potential. Getting ahead of them now will not only help ensure your success but keep you from creating any new bad habits along your journey.