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It’s time to get real about God’s grace and how we can receive it.

In the world we live in, we assume we can get anything through monetary means or hard work. But God doesn’t work like us. There’s nothing we can do to earn or purchase God’s love or grace. They are gifts to be received. We just have to be willing to receive them and when we do, they must be nurtured.

So, there are a few things we need to do on a regular basis to strengthen our relationship with God—and ultimately enrich and bless our lives in ways we never thought possible.

1. Show gratitude.

Give thanks to God daily. Show your appreciation for everything that He has blessed you with. Food, water, shelter, clothing, family, friends… The list goes on and on.

2. Give honor.

When you take the time to thank God and honor Him by giving Him the credit, glory, and praise, you will truly realize God’s grace and love in your life.

If you make this a part of your daily life, be prepared for God to show you things that go beyond sight. Appreciate the grace and unfailing love that God has shown you in your life and receive true fulfillment no matter what struggles you may be facing.

So, the next time you think that God’s grace can be bought or earned, remember that showing gratitude and giving God the glory for everything in your life is truly the road to priceless blessings.


Honor God ALWAYS.

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