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It’s February, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time to talk relationships. On Steve’s Straight Talk panel segment with Keri Hilson, Siggy Flicker, Carrie Keagan and Garcelle Beuvais, the group shared their thoughts and opinions on a variety of important topics such as infidelity and dating. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you need to hear what Steve and his panel had to say.

Age and unfaithful relationships

In this clip, Steve and the ladies give important advice to a couple who have been dealing with infidelity for the entire three year duration of their relationship. Steve gets real with the boyfriend, who is no spring chicken.

The bottom line: She needs to know her worth and he needs to not only settle down, but also start thinking about the legacy he’s going to leave behind.

Dating a man with no job

When Steve asked the ladies if they would date a man who doesn’t have a job, they held nothing back. Regardless of a woman’s independence and ability to take care of herself, men should be able to provide and step up when they need to.

The bottom line: Women are attracted to ambitious men and men who do for women regardless of whether or not they need it so, fellas, get up and do something!  

Dealing with infidelity

Is a cheater always going to be a cheater and is infidelity a norm we have to get used to? The panel agrees that people can change, but if you’re dating a man or woman who is cheating on you, you need to remember your worth.

The bottom line: If your significant other really, truly loves you, they will change for you.

Handling a joint bank account

Is it okay to have a separate bank account where you keep a little money aside for yourself? The panel agrees… YES! It is important to be your own person, just don’t keep it a secret.

The bottom line: Keep some money aside for your individual needs or interests, but to maintain a healthy relationship, always keep your partner in the know.

Asking a co-worker on a date

In today’s day and age, asking someone out in the workplace can easily be mistaken for sexual harassment. While some women enjoy compliments and/or attention from the opposite sex, others don’t want to be bothered at work

The bottom line: It’s okay to tell a woman she’s beautiful, but if she’s strictly business and wants to be respected in the workplace, then give her that respect and space.

This kind of insight is priceless. Share it with the people you love and bless them with the truth, too.