Steve Harvey's Sand and Soul Festival is back.

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It’s been over fifteen years since Steve’s mother, Eloise, passed away but the love and respect he still has for her is obvious whenever you hear him discuss the amazing woman. In a segment on the Steve Harvey Show, Steve dedicated time to relaying some of the lessons his mother shared with him and how they have shaped the man he is today.

Faith was an important part of Ms. Eloise’s teachings so Steve was sure to comment on the enormous time they spent in the church as a family when he was a kid — even teasing that the long hours had him contemplating going to hell. The good-humored memories quickly turned bittersweet, however, when Steve shared that his signature style is a reflection of his mother’s influence, which he’s reminded of whenever he ties his tie.

Fighting through tears, Steve discussed other lessons she taught to him. Kindness, respect for women, and the power of prayer were the cornerstones of Ms. Eloise's legacy.

Our mothers are our first teachers. From the moment we are born, they begin teaching us what it means to be loved unconditionally and, even in death, they don’t stop guiding us along our paths.