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Over the years, Marjorie has made many appearances on her husband Steve’s show and, like her amazing fashion sense, she always brings her best advice along with her. Here are three of Marjorie’s best bits of wisdom for relationships:

Broken marriages and blended families

At times, a parent may feel guilt for a broken marriage. This guilt can lead to feeling the need to try harder with their children. In blended families, however, this treatment may make step children feel less than their new siblings.

Marjorie’s advice: Have a talk with your husband or wife. First, compliment them on their parenting and let them know that there is no reason to harbor guilt. Secondly, let him/her know how this “special treatment” is making you and your kid(s) feel. Don’t forget to talk to your child as well, and reassure them that the situation has nothing to do with them or the love that you and your partner have for them.

Watch Marjorie’s full explanation below:

Growing family difficulties   

It’s always a struggle when one partner wants to expand the family and the other does not. With so many aspects to take into consideration, it can weigh heavy on a marriage--especially when high-risk pregnancy is involved.

Marjorie’s advice: Speaking from her own history with high-risk pregnancy, Marjorie suggests sitting down and really talking things out. Consider each other’s feelings and perspectives. Take time to enjoy each other and marriage, and don’t feel like the clock is against you. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen in God’s time. Trust His plan!

Watch Marjorie and Steve help this struggling couple below:

Cheating and commitment

For long-term relationships, and especially ones where children are involved, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should stay with your partner after they have cheated. Do you stick it out for your children and love, or do you make the decision to leave the relationship for something better?

Marjorie’s advice: Marjorie hits several critical points when giving this broken couple advice, but when it comes to the heartbroken mother of three who is the victim of infidelity, Marjorie made sure she knew that her happiness is her children’s happiness. We have the power to choose what we want for our lives and our children. If you’re okay, your children are okay. Remember that and move forward the best way you see fit!

Watch Marjorie hit us with more truth on this topic, marriage, and more below:

Time and time again, Marjorie’s experience, love, wisdom, and empathy enrich our lives with lessons and advice that we can all take with us and remember for ourselves and those that we love. After watching these videos, it’s safe to say that we could all use a friend like Marjorie!