Steve Harvey's Sand and Soul Festival is back.

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Whether it’s instrumentals that move you or it’s a great set of vocals that show you how beautiful the world can be, music is so important to our lives. Have you ever felt down and listened to a sad song, just to know that someone else out there felt the same?


Or maybe you cranked up something loud and fast to make yourself feel better.

Music has the power to change your mood. Have you ever heard a song that moved you to tears with its beauty?

Yes, music can do that too. Music has the power to bring out any emotion. It can calm you down or fire you up. It can also make us feel connected to other people. When you think about a sad song, you know that someone wrote it when he or she was feeling down, just like you do sometimes.

Steve, a huge fan of the band Earth, Wind, and Fire, has long used the group's tunes as a soundtrack to his life. A song like "Reasons" is perfect for enhancing a mellow mood, while "Boogie Wonderland" is just the tune to get him (or you!) up and moving.

Just like Steve, we all use the power of music to enhance our lives.

What is the soundtrack of your life?