Sale alert: Score a pre-loved iPad Air for under $200

Before you bolt at the concept of buying a refurbished Apple device, hear us out. Refurbished Apple products in particular have been vetted by experts to ensure functionality and restored to their original factory settings. What does this mean for you, exactly? Simply put, they’re practically as good as new when it comes to functionality.

And if you’re okay with forgoing vanity for vanity’s sake (refurbished devices may have a scratch or blemish or two), then you’ll also be able to score an iPad or MacBook for a price that makes Black Friday sales seem lackluster.

This sale on the Apple iPad Air 9,7-inch, for example, features one of the lowest price tags we’ve ever seen. For $189, you’ll be able to score this powerhouse tablet for yourself. This iteration comes with Apple’s signature vivid retina display, 32GB of data so you can store ample amounts of photo, video, music, and app content, and seamless web surfing via WiFi.

And like other Air products, this device is best-known for its lightweight design, making it an especially solid device for traveling or commuting.

While it’s typically valued at $599, right now you can get a certified-refurbished Apple iPad Air for only $189 (that’s 68% off). Run, don’t walk.

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