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Another chaotic and stressful year has gone by, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself: what meaningful step did I take that contributed to my personal and professional growth? If you’re coming up blank, it’s not too late. You can still do something for the benefit of your career. It’s embarking on this thing called continuous learning, in which you’ll subject yourself in an endless pursuit of knowledge to be a better professional—and a person overall.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone enables you to partake in continuous learning for a pocket-friendly price. It nets you a subscription to a premium e-learning platform and an award-winning language learning app. For a limited time, you can grab it on sale for 90 percent off.

The first part of this 2-pronged bundle is a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, a language learning app trusted by top organizations like NASA, Calvin Klein, and TripAdvisor. It utilizes an immersive training method that involves speech recognition technology to have you reading, writing, and speaking new languages like a natural in a short period of time. You match words with images to learn words and phrases, and with the interactive lessons, you can instant feedback so you can quickly improve your accent. With this subscription, you get to learn up to 24 different languages.

The second part of the bundle is a subscription to StackSkills, a platform that comes packed with thousands of expert-led courses to help you learn new skills. Whether you’re looking to earn a promotion, switch to a different profession, or pick up a side hustle, there’s a course there for you to equip you with the necessary skills to succeed. From blockchain to growth hacking to iOS development, it offers the hottest trends to ensure that you’re ahead of the curve.

Enjoy a lifetime of learning today. The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone normally retails for $1794, but you can get it for only $179 for a limited time.


The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone – $179

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