Spice up your at-home workouts with this resistance training set on sale


Wondering if it’s safe to go back to the gym and reunite with your favorite trainer? Here’s the short answer: it is — but it comes with some hefty risks. With the threat of the pandemic looming over our heads or not, we all know that gyms are germy places, and you definitely don’t want to come in contact with all those dumbbells and equipment other people have used.

Your best bet is to continue breaking a sweat at home, but if you want some variety to your workouts instead of relying on some YouTube fitness guru, say hello to the HYFIT Smart Portable Training System. It’s a portable gym comprised of two high-performance smart resistance bands with adjusters, two ergonomic handles, two sets of ultra-comfortable wrist and ankle bands, a door anchor, and uses the power of resistance training to enhance your workouts and help you reach your fitness goals.

Check it out:

It doesn’t matter whether you have a dedicated home gym or not. You can simply tether the anchor to your door, and you can go right ahead with the workout supplied by the exclusive HYFIT Gear app. An AI coach is available on the platform to provide smart workout recommendations, a combination pulled from the over 80 exercise videos featured, all of which are led by professional trainers. And since you can’t improve what you don’t measure, there’s innovative sensor technology built into the equipment to track your movements and progress.

Grab this portable gym for only $249.99 — 16 percent off the usual cost of $299.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

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HYFIT Smart Portable Training System – $249

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