Stay fit during isolation with hundreds of workouts you can do right in your living room

Gyms and fitness centers across the country are closing down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and everyone is advised to confine themselves at home to prevent contracting or spreading the virus. That means you’ve temporarily lost access to the only place you go to break a sweat  — at least before, that is. Just because you’re practicing social distancing and spending more time at home doesn’t mean you have to forego your fitness goals.

You can still get fit in the comfort of your own home with Live Streaming Fitness, a service that delivers daily live streaming and on-demand fitness classes, helping you get in shape and stay healthy during this challenging period. Led by some of the industry’s best trainers, you have the option to choose from yoga, cardio, strength training, and specialized workout classes. You get 24/7 access, meaning you’re free to take a class whenever you want. You can also connect with the Live Streaming Fitness community to thrive with other fitness-focused people and get more motivated.

In addition to fitness, the service also offers cooking and nutrition classes to help you prepare meals that are full of good-for-you ingredients. Plus, you’ll get advice on food, meal plans, and weight loss, as well as access to certified nutritionists.

Social distancing is no excuse for you to slack on your fitness goals. Typically $499, a lifetime subscription to Live Streaming Fitness is now on sale for $79. That’s a savings of 84 percent.


Live Streaming Fitness: Lifetime Subscription – $79

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