Steve Harvey’s Sand & Soul Mother’s Day Trip Giveaway

I’m giving a deserving mom and her guest an all expense paid trip for TWO

Nobody cares for us like Mama, so in celebration of Mother’s Day, I’m giving a deserving mom and her guest an all-expense paid trip for two to my 2nd Annual Sand & Soul Festival. It’s all happening at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this October 10th-14th.

Entering is simple:

  1. Post a 60-second video telling me why you or another special mother deserves the trip.
  2. Tag @SandAndSoulFestival on Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Use the hashtag ‘Sand And Soul Festival’ in your caption.

The winning mom will be a true VIP at Harvey’s Sand & Soul Festival weekend, complete with flights, luxury room accommodations, all-inclusive food and drinks, and tickets to all of the events. Increase your chances with multiple posts. Good luck and see you on the beach!

Deadline is May 31st, 2019.

Winner will be announced June 4th, 2019.

For FAQs and rules, visit:  https://steveharveysandandsoul.com/faqs/

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  1. Mister Steve I love your daily show.

  2. Today and so many shows I watch with pride the thing you exemplify pay it forward,proving that our GOD is a GOD of a second chance.please continue to inspire and encourage I am 72 I love watching your show it gives inspiration and encouragement that there are great Men of color who care about all people .Pray for you and your Beautiful Lady Mrs.Harvey .again thank you for presenting programs worth watching.

  3. My name is Renata Walker , and I think me and my mother should win the Mother’s day gift ? I think my mom is greatest mom alive ? You make our dreams come true !!!! Thanks, Mr. Harvey 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. 💘 your show. Wish i could come to the show. Trying tp get tickets.

  5. Mr. Harvey you are such wonderful, encouraging, giving person. May God Bless you and your family.

  6. I,ve been loving everything about you since i watched you as Mr Hightower until now,i love you style,sense of humor and mostly your advices. Thanks Steve.

  7. Hello, I live in DFW, and I’m so mad they took you off here. But there’s always a way around that! I listen to the Washington show on my way to work. Thank you all for always being true to who you are!

  8. I would to go to sand and soul I never been to Punta Cana . The trip would be a blessing for me and my husband .We will be married for twelve years and this could be our honeymoon . I would like to say thank you for even thinking about me Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers.

  9. Thanks for the offer

  10. Steve I love you and your show.

  11. Thank you all for this opportunity 💖🙏

  12. Uncle Steve,
    I watch your show and you are a truly inspiration to me. My health is not well? I have chronic pain, but does not matter how I feel. You always put a smile on my face . Many blessings in everything you do .

  13. Love your shows! You are the best! Always enjoy your take on issues. Keep on doing you!

  14. Thank you for being you Steve Harvey! You have given me so many years of laughter…just good to my soul! I just want to say thank you for all that you do,all that you have done and all that you will continue to do!

  15. Dear Mr. Harvey,
    I would post a video, but there are so many scams out there. I would go into detail why I would be chosen as the best mother. But my true feelings are each and every mothers have a very special place in each of there children lives that makes them a special mother.

    Finally, God is good and greatly to be praise. I don’t feel I’m a better mother than others, we are all just loving mother whom God has placed on this land to be stewards over his children and that’s what makes us a very special person. Amen

  16. I would to win .
    Much love RVA

  17. Every morning is Steve Harvey Morning Show good afternoon

  18. Mr Harvey.
    I think it’s a wonderful thing you are doing giving a MOM a chance to get away and enjoy some time alone with her spouse. There are a lot of us who can’t afford such a luxury for whatever reason, so THANKS for remembering MOTHERS.


  19. My mom is the best!
    She’s been working very hard for so long, she took very care of her kids, grandkids and great grandkids. She deserve a trip, she deserves the best and much much more.
    Oh, my sister and I deserve a nice trip as well!
    Thank u, Steve!

  20. MOM

  21. I watch your show every day. I wish I could go on vacation. I’ve been with my job for 10 years and have not taken a vacation. When people go on vacation I step in and take over their shift.

  22. I love all your shows Steve

  23. Hi Steve Love the show I work all the time I would Love to win the trip

  24. Hi Steve, am following all the way from Kenya. Am a mother of 2; Stephanie 8 and Liam 3. I work in a company here in Kenya as a tea lady. The trip would be a blessing to me and my babies especially Liam 3years old who was diagnosed with sickle cell at 1year 3months. I loved you show more when you hosted Jordin Sparks. I would like to create more awareness here in Kenya too about this disease. May God bless you and you family. #Sandandsoulfestival

  25. Hi Steve my name is Renee Davis-Bankert and I just read about your product SunRaised .well my problem is severve neck and shoulder pain.Ive been to many doctors and they’ve tried pills ,shots and then more pills and more shots ,nothing is working .I can’t sleep at night from the pain ,it hurts so much I sit up at night and cry .I’ve tried ibprofen , Tylenol ,vicodine muscle relaxers ,muscle ribs and nothing is working for me ,Mr.Harvey can you please help me ?? I’m in dire need to be pain free .If you can help me please do so !! Thank You for your time. Always Renee Davis-Bankert

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