Take a deep dive into AI and machine learning with these courses

Artificial intelligence used to be a foreign concept, but now it’s seeped into our daily lives. From Siri and Alexa to your email inbox to your robotic vacuum, it’s hard to imagine a life without the convenience AI apps, software, and devices bring. It’s also not unsurprising that the people responsible for developing these AI-powered machinery are incredibly in-demand and well-paid. Their work revolves around making our lives so much easier, after all.

If you’ve ever wanted to break into the AI sector or simply fascinated by the concept and want to dive in deeper, the Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle can point you in the right direction.

This learning bundle contains four courses, each of which will show you a different facet of AI. It starts off with walking you through a step-by-step guide to machine learning and how to develop AI tools from scratch using Python and R. You’ll also get to grips with deep learning, so you can have a better understanding of how things like self-driving cars and image recognition technology work. A comprehensive course on Python is also included, which can prove to be helpful even beyond the realm of AI. Finally, you’ll also be introduced to Tensorflow, an open-source platform heavily used in machine learning.

While these all sound intimidating, each course features easy-to-follow lectures and hands-on activities, allowing you to grasp the learning material better. Get the bundle on sale for only $34.99.


The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle – $34.99

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