Take your photography to the next level with this training on post-processing with Adobe


Whether you’re a rookie photographer or a seasoned expert, it’s no secret that post-processing your images is just as important as getting that perfect shot. Filters exist for a reason, after all. Post-processing your shots gives them that personal touch that matches your aesthetic, bringing the much-needed touch of uniqueness to every snap you take.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are every photographer’s best friends in developing their photography style. Learning the ropes of these apps can be a bit intimidating especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, The Essential 2020 Adobe Photography Training Bundle is here to help. Hosted by the Academy of Film, Fashion & Design, this set of courses is all you need in your arsenal to develop the necessary skill set to fix and stylize your images as you desire.

The bundle nets you a rundown of everything you need to know to take your photography work to the next level. It covers everything you need to know – from the basic functionalities of both software to how to set up and organize your photo library, along with secret editing techniques and batch-processing numerous photos at the same time. The package features access to all 27 lectures and 2.5 hours of content that you can access anytime, 24/7.

For a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $29.99 — 89 percent off the usual cost of $297.

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The Essential 2020 Adobe Photography Training Bundle – $29.99

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