The be-all, end-all of countertop ovens is now on sale for 26% off

The toaster oven gets a bad rep, as far as countertop ovens go. Contrary to popular belief, this appliance can do more than heat up frozen pizza (although, we have to admit it is good for that). The right type of countertop oven can work just as well as any convection oven, allowing you to cook large meals with ease. And some premium models, like the Gemelli Twin Oven, go above and beyond by allowing you to cook rotisserie chickens at up to six pounds completely evenly.

The Gemelli Twin Oven in particular comes with a variety of cooking features, including bake, broil, warm, and roast settings and can be cranked up all the way to 450 degrees. If you opt for the rotisserie feature, it will evenly crisp up your proteins without all the unwanted fat. And if you do want to heat up pizza? Its built-in pizza drawer does just the trick.

Plus, unlike other ovens, it can all be done without the need for an extra sheet pan, meaning you’ll have one less dish to clean up.

While normally priced at $379.99, currently the Gemelli Twin Oven is on sale for 26% off, making the appliance only $279.99. 


Gemelli Twin Oven – $279.99

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  1. The cost of countertop ovens is high. In spite of that, it performs very well.

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