The “biggest blanket ever” will make your family movie nights so much cozier

Around this time of year, all we want to do is snuggle up under a cozy blanket and binge-watch our favorite TV shows. And who can blame us when the forecast predicts upcoming snow squalls (whatever that means)?

While the age-old movie night problem is not having enough blankets to go around, today’s popular extra-large designs means the whole family can fit under one plush throw. Case in point: The Big Blanket.

Dubbed “The Biggest Blanket Ever” this massive throw is about four times larger than your average sized blanket. Each one is made from ultra-premium, buttery-soft material that’s both temperature regulating and moisture-wicking, so you won’t feel overheated when you burrow yourself into it. And because movie nights wouldn’t be the same without buttery popcorn or stain-inducing snacks, the Big Blanket is also machine washable for seamless cleanup.

Plus, when the hibernation season is said and done, the Big Blanket also works just as well as a comfortable picnic blanket. And this year, no one will be stuck on the grass/

Currently, all four colors of the Big Blanket (crimson, navy, black and forest) are all on sale for a fraction of the retail price. For a limited-time, shoppers can enjoy this XXL plush throw for $119.99 (normally $500) – that’s a savings of nearly 76%.


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