The Lymphatic System

Your Own Super Power

By Roni DeLuz ND, RN, PH. D

Lymphatic System is the Front Line to Detecting and Fighting Illness

Have you ever felt those hard nodules around your neck and under arms when you are sick or getting sick and wondered what they were? These inflamed lymph nodes are a sign that your body is utilizing an important disease fighting system, called the lymphatic system.

Your Body’s Super Power!

The lymphatic system supports vital and cleansing organs, and is responsible for getting rid of toxins, waste and anything unwanted in the body. This system runs throughout the entire body. In fact, there are several hundred lymph nodes from your head to your knees all supporting vital T- cell production to fight illnesses, anything from cancer to the common cold. While most lymph nodes are located deep within the body there are some located closer to the surface, in the underarm area and around the pharynx, under your throat.

Transports and Cleanses

The lymphatic system is an interconnected system made up of vessels and capillaries, which are attached to tissues and organs. This transport system makes it possible for the lymphatic system to get rid of harmful white blood cells and produce T-cells to fight illness. It is a circulatory system, so it is an essential part of cleansing cells, blood, tissues and organs and anything that is harmful to the body or poses a threat of illness. The antibodies released from these lymphocytes fight the infection. The lymphatic system is the army of the immune system and the body’s blood filter. The defenders of the lymphatic system called lymphocytes, attack the invaders to defend the body against illness.

The lymphatic system is MADE UP of the following:

  • Lymphatics, which are vessels
  • Fluid that goes through the lymphatics, called lymph
  • White blood cells, called lymphocytes
  • Tonsils, spleen, thymus, appendix, tissue in the gut and lymph nodes, called lymphoid tissues and organs

The lymphatic system is RESPONSIBLE for the following:

  • Eliminating interstitial fluid
  • Removal of fatty acids and fats from the digestive systems to the circulatory system
  • Transporting white blood cells back and forth from the lymph nodes and bones
  • Removal of fluid from the tissues
  • Producing immune cells

The lymphatic system is your ultimate defense against illness and fighting off invaders. Doing your part to care for your lymphatic system will prevent illness, strengthen your immune system, you may lose weight, and you will have more energy as you support your body in eliminating unnecessary germs, waste, bacteria and toxins.

BENEFITS of a healthy lymphatic system:

  1. Improved blood circulation, which prevents heart attacks
  2. Delivery of oxygen to the cells
  3. More nutrient dense blood circulating throughout your body
  4. Mental clarity
  5. Detoxifying
  6. Fights illnesses including strokes, leg cramps, weakness, heart disease and kidney disease

SUPPORT your lymphatic system:

  1. Hydrotherapy: Hot and cold exposure
  2. Exercise
  3. Lymphatic massage and drainage. These treatments fun to book, and you leave feeling amazing and energized
  4. Stay hydrated! Drink at least 80 oz per day, gradually getting yourself to a full gallon (128 oz) per day. Add lemon slices and mint on those days you just need a change
  5. Rebounding: the up and down motion opens and closes the lymph nodes creating drainage which detoxes skin, lungs and lymph
  6. Vibration therapy for 30 minutes daily improves skin, increases oxygen uptake and mental health

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