This $10 device can strengthen your hands and help you avoid sustaining injuries


The hype of the fidget spinner is a testament to the fact that silly-looking items shouldn’t be scoffed at. Case in point: the Original FlexEx Pack, a set of mini resistance bands that while looking wacky, work to improve one of the most important parts of your body — your hands. After all, taking care of your hands shouldn’t begin and end with moisturizing. Given how we heavily depend on them to function, we should start giving them extra TLC the way we do the rest of our body.

Anyone who wishes to maximize performance, exercise, strengthen, or rehabilitate their hands, fingers, and forearms can benefit from using the FlexEx Hand Exerciser. Each resistance band included serves a distinct purpose: yellow is for light resistance and perfect for weakened hands, red is for medium resistance and suited for those who want to strengthen their hands and fingers, and blue is for heavy resistance and best for advanced users who wish further strengthening.

While FlexEx looks a bit funny, they’re the best tools for strengthening your hands. They help those who sustained repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, as well as those struggling with post-surgery issues. If you happen to play a musical instrument or use your computer a lot, you’ll benefit from exercising with these bands, too.

The best part is they are ergonomic, sleek, lightweight, and made of 100% latex-free material, so they can also be used by people with allergies. For a limited time, you can snag this FlexEx pack for only $9.99.


FlexEx® Ultimate Hand Exerciser Triple Pack – $9.99

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