This $140 Aquasonic toothbrush set is only $40 for a limited time!

Give your pearly whites the TLC they deserve without breaking the bank!

We could wax poetic about how impactful electric toothbrushes can be to your overall health. Not only are they easier to use for those with dexterity issues, but electric brushes work wonders when it comes to removing plaque and reducing your risk of gum diseases such as gingivitis.

But at the end of the day, we’ll admit we are vain creatures. And for that reason, if anything should sell you on an electric toothbrush, it’s the fact that the right model can brighten and whiten your smile far better than a manual one.

When it comes to electric brushes, you really can’t go wrong with the Aquasonic Black Series. This brush comes with a 40,000 VPN motor that can deep clean your mouth, removing plaque and dissolving stains on the tooth’s surface with ease. It’s so powerful, in fact, it’s said to improve your overall gum health in as little as seven days. And unlike other electric brushes, the Aquasonic also comes with four different brushing modes that can help customize your clean (making it an especially great option for those with sensitive teeth or gums).

Right now, the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case set (which comes with eight additional brush heads) is on sale for $39.99 — that’s a savings of $100 from its original price tag of $139.99.

Investing in your health and saving a whole lot of money while you’re at it? Now that’s something to smile about.

Prices subject to change.


AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case With 8 Dupont Brush Heads – $39.99

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  1. […] is a clear indication that people around the world would love to have some whiter chompers. Counteracting the effects of your daily cappuccino is not easy, not to mention expensive. A trip to the cosmetic dentist alone can set you back a […]

  2. My husband loves his toothbrush. “Best he has ever had!”
    How do I register the warranty? Unfriendly contact.

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