This 21-inch refurbished iMac is nearly half the price you’d pay at the Apple Store

We’ve (sort of) come to terms with the fact that Apple won’t be hosting any massive markdowns on its household name products. So that means if we do want to score devices, such as an iMac, for a fraction of the original price, we’ll have the best luck shopping refurbished.

Certified-refurbished Apple products are second-hand devices that have been heavily vetted for functionality. Each laptop, desktop monitor, iPhone or tablet has been restored to its factory settings and works just as well as a brand-new device. And in many cases, they look pretty much out of the box, too.

This 21-inch iMac, for example, has a grade A refurbished rating, meaning you’re getting it in roughly the same condition you would if you were to buy it at your local Apple Store. It also comes with all the features you’d expect of an iMac, including a powerhouse Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM to help you easily multi-task, and a widescreen display that can showcase your photo and video content with vivid clarity.

The big difference, however, is that by shopping this refurbished device, you are saving hundreds of dollars off your bill. For a limited-time only, a refurbished 21-inch iMac is $349, a price that’s leaps and bounds cheaper than its original price of $1,119. It’s the perfect excuse to treat your loved ones (or yourself) to some quality tech.

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  1. […] that makes it capable of being charged wirelessly. The same feature is found in other devices within the Apple ecosystem, including the Apple Watch and the AirPods, both of which you probably own, […]

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