This $25 service finds some of the cheapest flight deals on the web for you

Flying both internationally and domestically has never been more accessible and affordable. In part, this is thanks to basic airline tickets (think carry-on only), which allows light packers to snag a seat without all the bells and whistles for cheap. But this recent decrease in plane ticket prices also has a lot to do with companies trying to keep up with the digital age, i.e., hosting massive only-only flash sales.

And these sales aren’t just for your less-traveled routes; many allow jet setters to whisk off to a foreign country on their bucket list for the price of a domestic ticket. The trick to scoring one of these discounts is staying vigilant and striking when the price is right.

This means endless scrolling on a variety of airline websites and setting up hundreds of Google Alerts to catch what you might have missed. Or if you’re a Matt Flights Premium Subscription member, it means simply opening your email and adding the deal to your shopping cart.

The service, which scans the web daily for best-of-web pricing on your vacation destinations, will send you an email alert when plane tickets drop to their most affordable prices. You’ll also receive one-on-one flight and travel planning, instant access to the best travel deals across the web, and a minimum of three curated deals sent to your inbox every week. Consider all the heavy lifting on your end, gone.

Seeing that the service saves you hours on end researching, as well as upwards of 90% off a standard plane ticket, we think Matt’s Flights Premium Subscription’s new price of $25 (on sale for 49% off) is completely worth it.


Matt’s Flights Premium Subscriptions – $25

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