This $59 handheld massage will leave you relaxed and stress-free right at home

We’re living in stressful times. Just looking at the news alone makes you feel like you’ve aged 50 years. And in particularly nerve-racking days like we’re experiencing now, it helps to have something to take the edge off — something like the Hammer NRG Deep Tissue Body Massager.

You no longer have to call your trusty massage therapist and drop hundreds for a soothing massage. This hand-held massager does the job, and does it well. It’s capable of delivering an incredibly relaxing deep tissue massage therapy, perfect for relieving muscle spasms, tight joints, knots, and other aches you’re feeling throughout your body.

Check out how it works:

With multiple speed settings and attachment heads, you’re free to customize the massage style you want with the level of firmness and intensity you need. It even has a facial massager built right into the handle, ideal for relieving those sensitive cheek and chin areas with only a flick of the wrist. Plus, thanks to its cordless, lightweight design, you can use it anywhere you wish.

Experience targeted, deep tissue relief at a moment’s notice with this hand-held massager. It typically retails for $200, but for a limited time, you can grab it on sale for only $59.


Hammer NRG Deep Tissue Body Massager – $59

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