This AI-powered app helps you learn how to play the piano using AI tech


If you’ve ever wondered how the likes of Alicia Keys and John Legend manage to churn out hit after hit, their music magic all starts with the piano. Their talent for producing sweet melodies begins with punching keys, which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t all that difficult—so long as you have a great instructor. If you’ve always wanted to make sweet tunes with the keyboard, you can get it from Skoove, an AI-powered app that helps you polish your piano skills and play the music you love.

Featured by Apple, Forbes, The Guardian, Wired, and other notable publications, Skoove makes it a breeze to learn and practice notes, chords, and techniques. It shows you how to play your favorite songs and listens and adapts as you go, providing individual feedback based on your performance and plans lessons according to your progress. AI tech recognizes the notes you play and learns your weaknesses, helping you improve every day.

Chart hits from stars like The Beatles, Coldplay, and Adele, as well as classical pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, and more, are available on the platform for variety when you practice. The app works with all pianos and keyboards, USB/MIDI or acoustic, but you can also use the virtual on-screen keyboard if you don’t own a piano just yet.

Join over 1 million people enjoying the interactive piano and keyboard lessons by Skoove and discover your own little musical getaway. Grab a lifetime subscription on sale for $149.99.


Skoove Premium Piano Lessons: Lifetime Subscription – $149.99

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