This back massager relieves pain traditional foam rollers can’t reach

There are some pain points on our body that a traditional foam roller just can’t seem to relieve. Case in point: the soft tissue that surrounds our spine.

This hard-to-reach area is an especially tricky area to massage out. Even worse is how often we find ourselves aching in this very spot, whether it be from craning over a desk all day in the office or from overexerting ourselves at our weekly kickboxing class.

One device that aims provide relief where other products (like foam rollers or myofascial balls) fail to is the Thorex Massager ($109.99). This hands-free device aims to eliminate discomfort, as well as improve your thoracic extension, promote spine alignment, and increase your soft tissue mobility in a matter of minutes.

By lying down on the massager or putting it in between your spine and a flat surface (like a wall), and rolling it up and down your back in the same way you would a foam roller, you’ll be able to give the muscles near your spine a deep tissue massage. It can be used daily before and after strenuous workouts, or ad hoc when your body needs a bit of TLC.

Right now, shoppers can take a 26% off their purchase of the Thorex Back Muscle Massager, making the pain-relief device a mere $109.99.



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