This couples comforter is the solution to your thermostat wars at home


Believe it or not, the thermostat is often a cause of marital discord, with many couples arguing over their preferred temperature, especially when it’s nighttime. The same goes for blankets when partners disagree on what kind of duvet they should use for maximum comfort for both parties. In Sweden and Germany, it’s custom that couples on a shared bed sleep with two separate duvets. It’s gotten to the point that IKEA once offered a bundle for two blankets, with one warmer than the other.

While having two blankets seems like an obvious compromise, you may not feel as intimate with your partner when you’re sleeping. An easy solution? The Twovet Comforter, which is the answer to your thermostat wars and blanket hogging issues. As seen on Amazon, Mix and Chic, PRWeb, Newswire, and Startup Nation, this blanket cools for you and warms for your partner (or vice versa), and for a limited time, you can grab it on sale for 15 percent off.

As you can probably already tell by the name, the Twovet Comforter is designed with a cool (thin) side and a warm (thick) side. The cool side releases your heat to reduce night sweats and hot flashes, while the warm side is engineered to eliminate the need for extra blankets. This way, you’ll no longer have to argue about the temperature when you sleep.

The blanket is made from 100 percent pure cotton cover, with a luxurious 233 thread count cover that feels soft on the skin. It has hypoallergenic down fill, too, so it fluffs and lofts down without the itching and sneezing. It also features a baffle box construction, preventing the fill from shifting and clumping.

Stay cool and comfortable tonight and have more energy tomorrow with the Twovet. It normally retails for $199, but for a limited time, you can grab it on sale for only $169.


The Twovet Dual Heating & Cooling Couples Comforter – $169

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