This eco-friendly bottle infuses fruits and veggies to make your water (or cocktail) all the more delicious

Let’s be real: water is essential, but man is it boring. You know you should be getting at least 64 ounces in every day, yet you just can’t seem to make it happen. Maybe if your water tasted like something other than water it would help. Maybe if you could juice fruits and veggies on the go, you’d finally be well hydrated. Lucky for you, this is now a thing, thanks to the Pressa Bottle.

The Pressa is an eco-friendly, durable water bottle that features a built-in juicer, so you can enjoy healthy flavored drinks anywhere. Pretty cool, huh?

In addition to making your beverage way more delicious, the Pressa also helps you make it more nutritious. When you squeeze fruit or veggies through the patented Twist N’ Press, they’ll disperse nutrients into your water, for a boost with benefits that goes beyond hydration.

Voted one of the best water bottles of 2020 by CNET, this cute 24oz BPA-free container can even be used to make delightful cocktails with full control of the ingredients. It’s also dishwasher safe, which makes keeping it clean easy, and stands at just 10.5″ tall and weighs 15 ounces, making it easy to tote around.

Normally $39.99, the Pressa Bottle: Water Bottle + Built-In Juicer is available for $29.99, a savings of 25%.


Pressa Bottle: Water Bottle + Built-In Juicer – $29.99

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