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This expert-led $34 online training can turn you into a Microsoft Excel pro

Microsoft Excel is one of those workplace necessities required across practically every industry. If you’re still listing it as a skill on your résumé, but haven’t touched it in years, it’s probably time for a refresher. And even if you do use it daily, there’s likely a lot more you *could* be doing. Based on the fact that you’re reading this now, we assume you agree.

Enter: The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle. This six-pronged online training imparts you with beginner to advanced instruction that will eventually allow you to unlock Excel’s full potential. To start, you’ll get familiar with Excel’s basic functions and commands. Need to find the average and median across a few massive data sets? You can do that with just a few clicks. As the courses progress, you’ll get more and more advanced as you master Pivot Tables, analyze data, create charts and data models, and even automate tasks within Excel.

The courses are led by certified Excel gurus Chris Dutton and Kyle Pew, who together have extensive years of experience mastering and teaching students Excel. Chris Dutton is a certified Excel Expert and analytics instructor who has mentored over 25,000 students. Kyle Pew is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and is ranked top in reviews for his areas of expertise. These are not just your run-of-the-mill YouTube instructors, these are true experts.

It pays to learn to Excel, there’s no doubt about it. If you want to gain mastery in the program, the Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is a great place to start. Become a master of spreadsheets by picking up this bundle which on sale for a limited time for only $33.99.


The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle – $33.99

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  1. I got the adobe bundle. Great! Looking at the excel too. Steve is amazing for getting these offers. Longtime fan from London

  2. Hey steve, thanks man! I been your fan since I was a child born and raised in Germany and now living in London.

    This is a great learning opportunity.

  3. Would it work for beginners?

  4. You charged my card twice, I did not authorize this. Refund me.

  5. Great deal!

  6. I i was confused about content of class.I don’t believe this is what I was looking for. Can I get refunded?

  7. Hope all is well with you and your family. How do I sign up for the class with Microsoft?

  8. What are the details on this class

  9. I tried purchasing few times, with few cards even, it keeps saying to make sure the address is correct. I am based in the United Arab Emirates, is it not allowed to buy it from outside the USA?? Very disappointing.

  10. Steve Thank you So much .
    Fore ever you fan here in Africa .SD
    Stay blessed.

  11. I purchased the Excel package where do I go to view the courses?

  12. Can you let me know if this is self pace?

    1. Yes, it is. Thanks Michele.

  13. Hope offer will be still available by month end. Very interested.

  14. Is this a live instructor ?

  15. It’s $46.99 not the $34.99 stated.

  16. I am interested is a very advance model of Excel, I want to know if this will teach me to basically write a system using excel.
    So my question is ; is this the expert level?

  17. Please add me to your mailing list

    1. To sign up for our newsletter please steveharvey.com and click on the gold NEWSLETTER button on the top of the page. Let us know if you need further assistance.

  18. Does it teach how to use in a Mac? Does it come with Excel software or would I need to purchase that separately?

  19. I did not get the purchase sent to my email and the funds were taking from my account.

  20. Is there a certificate of completion or documentation that specified the number of learning hours?

  21. Is this an instructor led training ?

    1. Hi Tasha, this program is lead by an instructor but can be accessed any time by the student. You go at your own pace.

  22. Will I get any certificate of completion after the courses?

  23. Hello. I have been trying to purchase the excel course for over a week now. The button to “add to cart” has disappeared. Please assist. Thanks.

  24. Hello.How do I register for the class? I did not find a link.

  25. I noticed in the description of some of the courses there’s a note at the end stating “software not included ” Will I need to make an additional purchase for the software, to complete all of the courses?

    1. I notice in the descriptions of some of the courses there’s a note at the end stating ” software not included ” will I need to purchase additional software to complete the courses?

      1. Hi Shawna, yes that is correct. For more information please reach out to our customer service team. Thank you.

  26. I’ll need more information for the excel course please.

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