This hair tool is the absolute easiest way to get styled hair at home

We’ll never quite understand how hair stylists have the ability to artfully style our locks with a blow dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other. For us to get remotely the same results at home, we typically have to style our hair in multiple stages, first drying as best as we can before smoothing over our strands with a hot iron. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it also exposes our hair to excessive heat which can cause damage over time.

A workaround to this problem is investing in a hair tool that makes blow drying your hair easier and less harmful. One such solution is the Adagio Blower Brush, currently on sale for $49.99. On the surface, it looks like any other hairbrush. But what differentiates it from the rest is it also uses heat technology that can dry your hair, while straightening it at the same time (think of it as a more effective way to blow dry your hair at home). Its Tourmaline technology produces negative ions while styling to help your hair retain its moisture. The result is a smoother, frizz-free, and healthier look.

The styling tool also comes with two different drying speed settings, as well as an extra-long 360-degree swivel cord to make the process that much easier.

Considering that you’ll spend $49.99 on a single blowout at your local salon, we think the Adagio Blower Brush’s newly discounted price is completely worth it.


Adagio Blower Brush – $49.99

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