This innovative app connects you with native speakers to learn a new language

Learning a new language is one thing, but being able to skillfully put your vocabulary lessons to the test by chatting with a native speaker is a whole other ball game.

Chatting one on one with a foreign speaker is an important part of becoming bilingual, and it can help reinforce all of your training, while helping your practice your pronunciation and comprehension skills in real-time. And thanks to technology, you don’t need to fly across the globe in order to do so.

One app making it easy for language students to freely converse with native speakers is HelloTalk. This platform allows members to join group chats or hold an individual conversation with other members from across the globe. Simply search for a language partner by language, or distance from your current location, and you’ll soon be able to chat with them in one of over 150 languages via text, voice recordings, phone calls, video calls, and even by sending doodles. The app also aids you along the way during the conversation, by offering tools such as translation adds, correction features, and pronunciation tools that can help reinforce good speaking habits (and help you get rid of bad ones) along the way.

With a VIP membership, the features only get better. VIP perks include the ability to learn up to three language a time, advanced search customization, an ad-free experience, just to name a few.

If you’re looking to join the nearly 15 million HelloTalk members currently on the platform, we have good news for you: The HelloTalk VIP Lifetime Subscription (typically valued at $229.95) is on sale for $29.


HelloTalk VIP: Lifetime Subscription – $29

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