This is the perfect stocking stuffer for your friend who just finished No Shave November


Have a pal who made a commitment to doing No Shave November? If they happened to grow a beard similar to Santa’s and wish to get rid of it just in time for the new year, you may want to give them a stocking stuffer that could help them zap those unwanted hairs away this gift-giving season.

This Personal Neck Groomer by LVL Shave Co is designed to shave the back of your neck, delivering a quick, fresh cleanup sans the unnecessary cuts. It features three interconnected razor strips and two plastic handles for smooth shaving and easy maneuver, a stark contrast to the run-of-the-mill razors that have handles that are purposely made with dead weight to feel heavy and sturdy. It’s also ultra-lightweight for easy storage, and they snap apart easily to fit in a toiletry bag during travels.

Best of all, it also saves your friend from having to go to the barber almost every week just to get their neck shaving done. So not only are you giving them a useful present, but you’ll also be helping them save money.

For a limited time, you can snag this personal neck groomer on sale for only $36.99 — 24% off the usual $49.

Prices subject to change.


LVL Shave Co: Ultimate Neckline Grooming Set – $36.99

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