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This online training is your ticket to a lucrative project management career

If there’s a job that’s always in demand across almost every industry, it’s project management. As companies look to make their respective operations leaner, more cost-effective, and more efficient, they enlist the help of project managers to find ways to achieve business objectives faster, cheaper, and with minimal error.

Given that project management is a high-pressure job, people who want to dip their toes into it need a ton of specialized training to be get hired and remain effective. If you wish to give it a go, The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle will arm you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

Comprised of 11 extensive courses, this training collection will fill you in on the fundamentals of project management and familiarize you with the frameworks that you need to learn to boost your managerial abilities like Scrum and Six Sigma. You’ll learn everything from the leadership tactics required to effectively run a team to techniques on how to deliver projects on time to identifying risks of every project.

There are also courses that are focused on helping you secure the certifications you need to get ahead of the career ladder and land a six-figure paycheck, including the PMP, PMI, Scrum Master, and Six Sigma certifications. These certifications are especially valuable when it comes to landing a project manager job or securing a higher salary, so the extra work is definitely worth your time. In short, this monster bundle is your one-stop shop to forging a lucrative project management career.

Usually $2,699, it’s now on sale for only $45.99.

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The Premium 2020 Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle – $45.99

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  1. What certification will I get on successful completion of this course

      1. I am interested in this course. I am from Papua New Guinea. How can l apply?

    1. How long us the course and is there a written exam?

  2. Interested in the course but residing in Botswana

  3. Interested in project management and I am a resident of Botswana

  4. Hi, what’s the duration of the course and what certification awaits?

  5. Is this course meant for beginners?? I mean those who have never had Idea or any experience in project management?

    1. Does this also include Ms project and primivera 6

  6. I will like to be part of this…does it include international students?

  7. Hello,
    I’ve looked at the link and reviewed the course information but it does not state that certification is achieved through it, just prep work. Is that correct or am I missing something?

  8. Hey. Please be clear that this course is a PREP for certs and NOT a certification. It’s great for prep but you still have to pay and sit for the actual certification. Peace!

  9. I am a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, these course packages are a great value and resource for the PMP! My Six Sigma certification costs much more! I am going to purchase PMP because project management is essential in most occupations and a book would cost more than these bundles.

    1. Im intrested in Zimbabwe

  10. I would like to know the duration, certification of the course, how classes and exams will be conducted, above all how do I register to begin lectures.

  11. Hi iam nepali
    From Nepal

  12. Is the bundle for training only more info please

  13. I’m giving it a trial, $45 is not gonna kill me.

  14. I have read through the course details and I would like to inquire whether a certificate would be issued after completion of the 11 courses. And also please who is Your accrediting body

  15. I am interested but i am resident in Nigeria.

  16. cool ,

  17. Would this be accepted by the PMI as educational hours

  18. I completed the PMP 6th edition , but my cert does not show it was worth 35 CDU’s. How do I get the documentation to say it was 35 hours.

  19. Is this really true?

  20. Am interested

  21. I am interested in the course, but you need to come out clear on the expectations.
    The course and it content
    The time durations for all
    Certificate if any
    This will help one to make a straight decision. Thanks

  22. Sounds awesome.


    Can we do tbe courses at our own pace?
    How does that work?


  23. i am trying to purchase this bundle but i keep getting an error message to ensure the address i entered is valid. i have double checked this and it is valid but i keep getting this message so i am unable to complete my order. any assistance?

  24. It seems like this is all prep and you don’t receive a certification upon completion. This is just to prepare you

  25. I’m interested in the training and I find it difficult to apply, kindly send the link for enrollment to my email: [email protected].

  26. Can you send me the link for registration please

  27. Have been trying to purchase. Could it be that Project management course is for iPhones only? Cannot purchase with my android (Note 9) .

  28. I am UK based and wondering if this project management training applies to me too. Please advise. Thanks

  29. Hello,

    I am in Canada and I am wondering if I am eligible to purchase it? I tried it and I am being asked to input a “Promo Code” which I don’t have. Please can you address my question. Thanks

  30. Quiet intetesting

  31. You guys are not answering any questions… is this a scam? can someone corroborate other than giving me a website?

  32. What is the duration of the training and when does it start and end? Who are the facilitators? May I know couple of them by their Profile?
    I am excited to be a part of this explorational Project Management training. I am a Liberian and a Development Project Management Practitioner.

  33. Hi,

    Please I am interested but still want to know What certification I get on successful completion of this course. I have gone to the link below but the what certification was not clear. Kindly clarify please.


  34. How can i join this as an international student.

  35. Hi
    Have been trying to register for the online training, could you please support me with the promo code

  36. How can I register?

  37. I am Mr Dawda Nasso a Gambian resident in Nouakchott Mairitania. I am interested in this course but how can I register?
    Best Regards
    Mr Dawda

  38. How versed do I have to be on Project Management to pursue this course please.

  39. Hello,
    When is the course comensing,
    I am interested

  40. Thanks for making this opportunity available.

  41. Am interested .when course starting

    1. This is a self driven course.

  42. After buying this package, can I go online for the course at anytime i prefer or are there specific times i need to go online?

    1. Yes, this is a self driven course.

  43. Do you get a certificate after completion or you need to take an exam?

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