This portable thermometer plugs into your phone’s port and measures your temperature from a distance


Aside from masks, hand sanitizers, and copper keys, another essential that you must always have on-hand during the ongoing pandemic is a thermometer. It’s a tool that lets you monitor your body temperature whenever you need it, allowing you to see if it’s within the normal range. You’ll easily identify changes in your body, like whether or not you might be having an illness or infection. 

This Pocket Smart Phone Forehead Thermometer is a small and portable thermometer that you can bring anywhere you go. It connects to your smartphone and has a built-in thermopile sensor that measures temperature through accurate recognition of the human body surface. All you have to do is aim at the center of the forehead, and it’s instant—one-second quick—measurement provides accurate reading to even 0.1 degrees°. 

There’s also an OLED large-screen display and high brightness font that makes it convenient for even older adults to use. This thermometer also boasts safe performance, as it doesn’t need direct contact for measurement. And should your temperature be too high, it will beep to alert you that you may need some additional checkups. 

Small and light, this thermometer should have a place in your pocket anywhere you go. Get it on sale for 64% off. Take your pick from two options: iOS/Lightning or Android/USB-C.


Pocket Smartphone Forehead Thermometer (USB-C) – $24.99

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