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Creatives are often seen as starving artists, but creativity can play a role in a myriad of career paths. From programmers to business leaders, a creative mindset can propel your career forward so you can conquer the job market head-on, achieve career fulfillment, and clinch financial success. Want to get started? Craftsman Creative was developed to help you get there.

Craftsman Creative was founded in 2007 by Darren Smith, a professional creative who turned a successful film career into a creative coaching career. His set of classes offers the big three C’s, all of which will help you survive the economic downturn with a creative-drive mindset. You get Clarity, Courses, and Coaching, resources designed to help you thrive. Clarity refers to the Craftsman Creative e-book, sort of like a creative encyclopedia beset with principles used by professional creatives to get the mindset that leads to success and fulfillment. The Courses portion delivers a collection of lessons that will arm you with the skills to build a resilient, profitable business. Meanwhile, the Coaching segment encourages you to narrow in on your strengths, make the most out of the opportunities on your plate, and figure out the next steps to take in your creative journey.

Through this three-part approach, you’ll have the right mindset and skills needed to have a meaningful and lucrative creative career. You can snag a two-year subscription to the Craftsman Creative package on sale for only $99.


Craftsman Creative: 2-Yr Subscription – $99

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