This tool limits your contact with high-touch surfaces — so you can stay germ-free

The COVID-19 outbreak has effectively turned us all into germaphobes. It’s not unwarranted, of course, given that the novel coronavirus is known to live on surfaces, sometimes for long periods of time. If you have to break your quarantine streak to step out and stock up on essentials, you may be worried as to how you can navigate the outside world without coming into contact with surfaces that may potentially carry the disease. The answer may lie in a handy tool that you can attach to your keys.

A Kickstarter success (it garnered $570,261 in support), Hygiene Hand is a solid piece of brass that can serve as an extension of your hand when you have to touch any potentially-infected surface. Designed by a retired New York City paramedic, you can use this tool whenever you have to reach for elevator buttons, touch ATM machines, or open doors.

Its brass construction is made with 70% copper, making it naturally antimicrobial and resistant to germs. And the design features a flat stylus tip that can be used for pressing buttons, a built-in hook for pulling handles, and a finger hole for ergonomics. It even has a keyring loop that allows for easy attachment.

We should all limit our contact with high-touch surfaces, Hygiene Hand helps. It typically retails for $25, but for a limited time, you can save 20% off and get it for only $19.99. Or grab some for friends and you can save up to 34% off on multi-packs.


Hygiene Hand: Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener & Stylus – $19.99

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    I have a true life story, probably like no other… willing to share it in order to bring light to a very dismal situation…

    Thank you Stevie… luv just keeps taking us higher!

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