This top-rated app is designed to make learning extra fun for your kids

If there’s anything the lockdown period has taught parents across the country — or the world, even — it’s that teaching your child is pretty damn hard. Getting them to sit still is already a challenge in and of itself, what more when you have to urge them to spend hours poring through course material? Class time at home can be a nightmare, especially when you have youngsters ages 2 to 7.

You can make classes at home your child’s favorite time of day when you have Papumba, an educational app especially tailored to accommodate kiddos aged 2 to 7. Rated 4.5/5 stars on the App Store and 4/5 on the Google Playstore, this app is probably the only app that you won’t mind your kids browsing and playing with for hours.

Instead of having your children watch YouTube on the family tablet, you can get them to play with Papumba’s over 500 interactive games and learning activities that will have them learning almost everything under the sun. It prepares them in learning 21st century Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) skills, allowing them to have a headstart on their education even before school starts getting serious.

The games and activities on the app are designed around developmental milestones and aptitude for their age, and they’re free to learn at their own pace with no high-stress or addictive gimmicks (moderate screen time is still important, after all). The activities are also downloadable and family-centered, allowing the rest of the crew to join in the fun and learning.

Usually $71.88, a 1-year subscription to Papumba is now on sale for only $24.99.


Papumba Fun Learning App for Kids: Lifetime Subscription – $49.99

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