This wine subscription personalizes each bottle you receive based on your taste

Joining a wine subscription is typically a catch 22 situation. While it does give you the unique opportunity to to taste a variety of vinos you might not otherwise have discovered (and often for cheaper than if you were to buy bottles directly from a shop), there is a pretty big chance that you might not fall in love with the libations you get delivered to your door. After all, you don’t get much choice, if any, into the selection process.

That’s why when we heard there was a personalized wine subscription out there, it seemed like a complete no-brainer. After you fill out a short questionnaire describing your preferred types of vino, Winc Wine will tailor a collection of bottles for you to choose from and you can simply ignore any suggestion that doesn’t suit your palette. You’ll even learn about each type of wine, its tasting notes, its vineyard backstory, and food pairing ideas, too. And did we mention, it comes with free shipping?

If you’re looking to test out Winc Wine for yourself, here’s a deal you don’t want to miss: Currently you try out the subscription, or enjoy a delivery of four bottles of wine, for $26 (typically $52). That means each bottle of wine rings in at under $7.

Now that’s something we’ll toast to.


Winc Wine Delivery: 4 Bottles – $26

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