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It’s challenging to prove yourself as an indispensable part of your company, especially at this time. With layoffs and furloughs left and right, you have to pull all the stops to reduce your chances of getting trenched, and more often than not, the best way of protecting your position is mastering a skill that your organization would find valuable. These days, few skills are more in demand than data analysis and project management. Organizations rely on project managers to make sure that initiatives are executed on time and within budget, and they turn to data experts to yield meaningful information from raw data. And when you manage to be both? You’ll be pretty much untouchable.

That is why you should take advantage of this sale on the Ultimate Data & Project Management Certification Bundle, which offers training on how to be efficient in project delivery and data analysis. It features 10 courses, each of which are taught by experts in the industry, so you can rest assured that you’re learning from the best.

The bundle leaves no stone unturned when it comes to filling you in on what you need to know about driving your company to success. You’ll learn skills like visualizing data with Power BI, interpreting data using Microsoft Excel, and managing projects the agile way using Jira. You’ll also get familiarized with SAS programming, the language of choice of most enterprises/corporations, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how Big Data works in advertising. By the time you finish the bundle, you’ll have what it takes to cull pertinent information from mounds of data and steer any project to completion with ease.

Usually $2,000, you can now snag the bundle on sale for only $39.99.

Price subject to change. 


The Ultimate Data & Project Management Certification Bundle – $39.99

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