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Anyone can call themselves a CEO, but not everyone can do the work a good CEO does. The fact of the matter is that CEO is just a title, and it’s worth nothing if you’re not willing to do the work required to make yourself worthy of it. If you’re running a business or are thinking of putting up one, it’s an unspoken requirement that you need to do everything it takes to make your venture succeed, especially now that the business failure rate is rising. Part of the work is getting your hands on instructional material from people who are more experienced than you, and luckily, you can get that from the Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle, which is currently on sale for over 95 percent off.

Taught by John Colley, an investment banker and entrepreneur who holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Cambridge University and boasts a 4.5 out of 5-star instructor rating, this training package is filled to the brim with learning tactics to help you become the best CEO in town. It features 17 hours of material on business strategy, capital raising, venture capital, and more, so you can successfully run your very own company.

It begins with an MBA-level business strategy course, where you will discover the essential business strategy topics, alongside business models and frameworks taught in every leading MBA school. You’ll then dive into pitching, in which you’ll explore the different ways of communicating your vision to potential investors.

The bundle also includes courses centered on venture capital, so you can understand if it’s the right option for your business, figure out the exact amount of money you should try raising, and the aspects that VCs are searching for in an entrepreneur. With the learning material provided, there’s no doubt that you’ll have what it takes to propel any business to success once you gain a deep understanding of what makes an effective CEO tick.

Normally $1,400, the Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle is now on sale for only $39.99 or less than $6 per course.


The Complete CEO Startups Venture Capital Bundle – $39.99

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