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One of the golden nuggets of financial advice that experts often espouse is how you should invest your money — ideally in stocks — and diversify your portfolio as much as you can. While this is a solid suggestion, anyone who’s not familiar with the stock market can easily get put off by the idea, especially if it’s not something that they’ve dabbled in before. If you happen to be a stocks newbie and want to learn how it all works before diving in, the Secret to Stock Trading & Profits Bundle is an excellent primer.

Taught by full-time traders and investors Travis Rose, Nayeem Khan, and financial knowledge provider Wealthy Education, this 7-part course will get you up to speed on the concept of trading, as well as how the game the market as a veteran trader would. You’ll learn how to develop a winning trading mindset and be armed with the basics and nuances of the stock market in a way that won’t intimidate you. You can expect to be acquainted with a variety of stock screening and risk management strategies, reading the market’s price action, finding entry and exit points, and creating a trading plan to minimize your risk. To ensure profitability, you’ll also be taught a litany of techniques that can help you conquer Wall Street. You’ll learn how to perform technical analysis, use Fibonacci tools, utilize Candlestick patterns, and so much more.

Don’t worry if these all sound foreign to you at this point. This bundle, which is on sale for only $29.99, will turn you into a master trader in no time.

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The Secret to Stock Trading & Profits Bundle – $29.99

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