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Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts

By Bela Gandhi, Founder and President, Smart Dating Academy

Valentine’s Day is a BIG holiday in the US. The National Retail Federation says we will spend between $18-$19 billion on Valentine’s day, 1 billion cards are sent, and an average of over $100/person! Should you or should you not get into the Valentine’s Day spirit? Today, we are going to tell you that you SHOULD, and how to do (and not do) it – whether you’re single, in a new relationship, or have been together for years…

Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts for Couples

Don’t ignore it! If you’re in a brand new dating relationship, and you’ve been on more than 3-4 dates — it’s good to give a little something to your date just to acknowledge them! A card, a book, a CD, something small but thoughtful if you’re going out right around or on V-Day! Do NOT break the bank – -it’s too much!

If you’re dating for more than three months – DO be thoughtful! Show your partner that you know them, and gift them something meaningful. If she loves John Legend, get her two tickets (and hopefully she will take you)! If he loves home cooked extravagant meals, do it! Don’t be generic, and get drugstore chocolates, weird lingerie, etc – get something they like! And, don’t buy your partner something you’d like — i.e. skanky lingerie or something like that. This is about the other person!

Don’t give “self-help” gifts. No gym memberships, workout videos, style guides, books on “Getting Your Life Together.” This is the time to show someone your appreciate them – not a time to correct their flaws and weaknesses (it may ensure that you will NOT have another V Day with them next year)!!

If you’re single during Valentine’s Day and don’t want to be, here are some ways to help you feel better and celebrate:

Grab your pals and celebrate V Day together — over fun drinks and dinner. You can make it even more fun by doing a V Day grab bag — so everyone leaves with something fun! It’s not too late to do it!

Treat yourself today! If you’ve wanted that new outfit, no chip manicure, or a spa day, buy it for yourself!!

Give! One of the best ways to make yourself feel good is to give back — go out and volunteer for a charity that needs help. Or, help an elderly family member fix something in their house, go visit a sick friend — it will help plant your feet on the ground, make you grateful for what you have and brighten someone else’s day! Think fast, and do it!

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

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