Valentine’s Day is Just Two Weeks Away! This Percussion Massager is the Perfect Gift – and It’s 25% Off

Working out is so much more than hopping on a treadmill or lifting weights. A key part of keeping your muscles healthy and limber is warming up and stretching out (which, contrary to popular belief is done before and after hard workouts). Not only can this help soften stiff muscles, but it helps speed up the recovery process. That means you won’t find yourself as debilitated after a hard workout from lactic acid build-up and soreness.

A popular device that can help is a massage gun. These deep tissue massagers deliver rapid vibrations to key muscle groups. Plus, gadgets like the Evertone Prosage Deep Tissue Massager combine the benefits of percussive therapy (those rapid vibrations) with Theralite heating for more effective pain-relief. The Evertone Prosage also comes with three intensity levels and five different massage heads so you can tailor the device to your specific muscle needs.

A quick Google Search will show you that most of these popular deep tissue massagers will cost you upwards of $400 to $500. But right now, shoppers can enjoy the benefits of the Evertone Prosage Deep Tissue Massager for $149.99 (a savings of 25% off its original price tag).

No matter how rigorous your 2020 training schedule is, you won’t regret having this massage device on hand.


Evertone™ Prosage Thermo: Percussion Massager with Warm-Up Technology – $149.99

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