Want a smart fitness tracker without the hefty price tag? This premium model is only $40

Years after their inception, fitness trackers still continue to be the device of choice for hundreds of thousands of fitness enthusiasts out there. These wearable gadgets can help you stick to your goals, whether that’s getting your heart rate down or hitting 10,000 steps every day.

But when it comes to fitness trackers, many household names will set you back at least one Benjamin (if not more). That’s what makes the Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch so special. Right now, it’s on sale for $39.99 down from $149.95— and just in time to help you conquer your New Year’s resolutions.

The device features all the same advanced functionality you’d expect of a premium model, including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, daily steps, and calorie monitoring. Plus, when you connect it to your smartphone, you’ll also be able to control your music, take calls, read texts, set alarms, and display your calendar straight from the watch. And because chances are you’ll be sporting the smart timepiece during your most strenuous workouts, it also comes with a sweat and waterproof design.

Currently, three color variations (pink, white and black) of the Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch are all on sale for a paltry $39.99 (that’s 76% off its original price of $149.95).


Smart Fit Multi-Functional Wellness & Fitness Watch – $39.99

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  1. Hi Steve, my name is Carolyn Barber. Several months has passed since the announcement of refund of sand and soul. I have responded to the emails and calling. Steve I worked hard for my money. Please return it back to me and all that you owe.

    1. Hi Carol, let us help you. Please visit:

      Or call us Toll Free (800)-684-2825

  2. I would like to order this watch

  3. Is it water proof for us swimmers?

  4. Will you need a SIM card for this watch

  5. Good Morning ???? God bless.. yes I would like to purchase a watch..

  6. When I pull up the smart watch it says it is $39.99 not $34.99????

  7. Does this work with an Apple Watch?

  8. Does this work with an Iphone?

  9. Will it sync to go365?

  10. I would like to purchase one Mr Harvey please tell me how to can a watch

  11. I Want 2 I will purchase

  12. Shipping Confirmation

    Order Number: 14714006
    Order Date: Mar 11, 2020

    The order says shipped and will take 3-5 days to update. It is 3/18. Need my watch or a refund. Status please.

  13. Does this watch have the fall detection that will notify someone you have fallen?

  14. How do you know if it’s authentic

  15. I want to cancel my order!!!!! not only did I NOT GET MY PROMO DISCOUNT but ALSO PAID $39.99 instead of the $34.99 product was advertised for. I WILL NOT BE SCAMMED.. CANCEL MY ORDER AND SEND CONFIRMATION TO EMAIL LISTED BELOW.

  16. I never got my watch this definitely a scam want my money back.

  17. Still didn’t get mines yet!!

  18. Hi Steve, I want 3 of the watch

  19. Does it work with Android phones? I have a Google phone

  20. I would like to have this watch please

  21. For me , It’s like a scam .. cuz I realize none question not be really answered and I can’t selecting my state… crazy 🤔 I don’t think it’s Steve for real..

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it along to our team.

  22. I have noticed that no matter what someone says , your answer to everything is please visit so and so sight. Why is that

    1. That link is to our customer service page. We just want to get people to the correct place.

  23. I want to order this.

  24. I am unable to download the app. Can I return the watch for a refund?

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