Want fast and healthy meal prep to happen more often? Here’s the secret weapon

You swore 2020 was going to be the year—the decade—you finally started to eat better meals. But all that planning, prepping, and cooking takes too much time and creates a huge mess in your kitchen, so you haven’t really stuck to it. Don’t throw in the towel yet. Give it another shot with the versatile VitaChef Healthy Lifestyle Electric Steamer Skillet Cooking System.

If you’ve already tried multifunction cookers like these, you may be unimpressed, but the VitaChef Electric Steamer Skillet is different. It was specifically designed to make eating healthier a hassle-free experience and become the most used cooking appliance in your kitchen for years to come.

How does it do that? With its easy-to-use interchangeable all-in-one system. The different pieces allow you to effortlessly switch between more than 10 cooking methods including steaming (excellent for preserving nutrients and keeping things low-cal), sautéing, slow-cooking, smoking, baking, and braising. That means you can make all kinds of veggies, chili, meat, seafood, desserts, eggs, and more, alleviating much of your Meal-Prep Sunday drama. It’s also great for reheating leftovers, not to mention decluttering your cabinets. Think of how many tools, pans, pots, gadgets, and gizmos you’ll be able to clear out since the VitaChef does so darn much. 

The high-heat 1250-watt enclosed cooking element combined with all-aluminum components ensures even heating, while the nonstick Vitanium surfaces contribute to the easy cleanup (along with dishwasher-safe parts). Its green energy and water-saving design includes collapsible legs for easy storage, too.

Of all the features the VitaChef Electric Steamer offers, our favorite might be one you haven’t thought of: being able to cook indoors without heating up the whole dang house! Who ever wants to turn on the oven or stand over a flame in the dead of summer? Eat healthy, save time, and remain cool as a cucumber with this must-have cooking system.

The VitaChef Electric Steamer Skillet Cooking System, usually $299.95, is available now for $99.99, a savings of 66%.

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