Want to find the best flight deals in 2020? This subscription can help

When it comes to our wanderlust, social media is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it has helped us discover tons of new destinations we’re adding to our travel bucket list. But on the other, it serves as a constant reminder that we need a vacation, even if we lack the funds to hop on the next flight to the Maldives. Thanks, Instagram.

The silver lining is that in this digital age of travel, big airline companies make pricing mistakes more often than you think. On top of that, airlines are constantly featuring massive online-only flash sales throughout the year. Both of these facts mean that you can score a domestic or international flight for a fraction of the original cost if you know where to look.

Because we all don’t have the time to set up hundreds of Google Alerts or constantly be checking Southwest’s website for errors, Matt’s Flights will do all the research for you. Matt’s Flights simply sends you an email alert when flights to your desired destinations are at their most affordable prices. You’ll also receive one-on-one flight and travel planning, instant access to the best travel deals across the web, and a minimum of three curated deals sent to your inbox every week.

And since the name of the travel game is saving money where we can, currently a variety of Matt’s Flights Premium Plans are on sale. You can get a lifetime subscription for only $199 (normally $499.90), or a three-year subscription on sale for $79 (normally $149.97). Plus its one-year subscription is on sale for $25 (normally $49.99). Make 2020 your best travel year yet.


Matt’s Flights Premium Subscriptions – $25

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