Want to read three books in a day? This app makes that possible.

Even if the internet is now filled to the brim with online learning courses that aim to equip you with new skills, nothing beats the educational nourishment of books. Then again, if you’re not a voracious reader, you may find that finishing one title already takes an agonizing amount of time. Lucky for you, there’s a way to get the gist of a book without turning a page.

The 12min Micro Book Library is a platform that gives you access to hundreds of micro books in text and narrative form. Why micro? Well, all it takes is 12 minutes for you to read, listen, or digest the key concepts of the book. You may search for any book you want in the ever-growing collection, and if it so happens that it’s not there just yet, you may suggest new summaries to the 12min experts, and they may just grant your wish. They will synthesize and optimize it into a short but comprehensive micro book for easy consumption.

Check it out:

A subscription delivers 30 new titles every month, all of which you can send to your Kindle account, allowing you to plow through them even while unplugged from the internet. You’re free to choose from many different genres, so you can get exposed to new perspectives.

With a subscription to 12min, you’ll finally be one of those people who gets to say that they can read three books a day. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime premium subscription on sale for only $34.99 — 89 percent off the usual $346.50.


12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription – $34.99

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