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What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve dress ideas

By Aonika Laurent Thomas

I know it’s a bit early, but seriously — what are you wearing on New Year’s Eve? The
best-dressed women always plan their looks in advance. Now that you’ve received
the invitation, you need to start planning. First, consider the venue. Indoors,
outdoors, stairs to climb, grass that your heels may sink into, upscale, or casual—all
of these factors might affect what you choose to wear. Next, check the weather.
There is nothing worse than wearing a sequin mini dress in 20-degree weather to an
indoor/outdoor party. Not a good look. Also, your outerwear may double as your
outfit if the party is outdoors. Be ready. Make sure you pay attention to the attire
posted on the invite. If the host bothered to put suggested attire on the invite, they
want you to bother to follow it. So please, don’t be the cousin that shows up to the
black tie event with jeans and sparkly pumps thinking that’s okay. It’s not. Doing
something at home? Even if the plan is something cozy, perhaps put on a little
something he hasn’t seen before. Plan ahead and walk into the New Year with a
fashion bang. Here are my closet picks. Have the happiest New Year!

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  1. Steve Harvey
    I watch your shows every night here in
    Melbourne Fl .you are smart, funny .
    And your suits are class.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family
    And a New Year..

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