What’s percussive therapy? Get in on the pain-relief trend dominating Instagram

Contrary to popular Instagram belief, percussive therapy isn’t solely reserved for professional athletes. This type of deep massaging techniques is beneficial to fitness fanatics of all levels.

If you’ve seen those slow motion ripples which are caused by what looks like a power grill massager on social media, you’ve seen percussive therapy in action. This type of pain relief relies on rapid vibrations to help increase blood flow, break up lactic acid build-up, and reduce muscle soreness. With one of these nifty devices in hand, you’ll may start to notice an increase in mobility, as well as a decrease in joint and muscle pain.

For those wanting to incorporate percussive therapy into their workout regime, we have good news: The DEEP4s Percussive Therapy Massage gun is now on sale for 23% off, making the gadget just $229.99 (that’s hundreds less that other devices of its caliber). This professional-grade massager comes with four different speed settings that can help adjust the intensity of your massage. Additionally, five interchangeable head attachments can also customize your pain-relief.

If you’re looking for a better way to warm up your body before a workout, or loosen up any stiff muscles post sweat sessions, it’s worth considering the DEEP4s Percussive Therapy Massage Gun. Its new, affordable price tag is just the cherry on top.


DEEP4s: Percussive Therapy Massage Gun for Athletes – $229.99

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