Why You Need A Gratitude Jar

We can easily get so caught up in our goals, dreams and desires that we forget to appreciate the blessings that we already have around us. While it’s essential to have aspirations, it’s equally important to take the time to be grateful for what we currently have. This is why a gratitude jar may be what you need to bring happiness and more bounty into your life!

A gratitude jar is simply an empty container that you fill up with the things in your life that you are grateful for. An example would be writing down: “I am grateful for my family” and placing this in the jar. You will want to do this daily for the best results! This will keep you on a positive trajectory and by the end of the year you’ll be able to look back on all the wonderful things that have happened in your life. As Steve Harvey once said, “it is impossible to be unhappy and grateful at the same time, so let the gratitude and happiness flow.”


  1. Your jar doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. In fact, it can be any container, even a tissue box. Further, you can even do a digital gratitude jar.
  2. Have it in a place where you see it first thing in the morning or every day. Good locations are by your toothbrush or near your front door.
  3. Set a reminder on your phone to write something for your jar so that you don’t forget. You can use notes in your phone to keep your digital gratitude jar.
  4. Keep it simple so you can keep it consistent. You may write out, “I am grateful for my job” or just write “job”.
  5. If you are big on aesthetics, have some fun and make it fancy with ribbons, stickers, or whatever brings you joy.
  6. Keep a writing utensil and paper next to the jar so there are no excuses for not filing it.
  7. Don’t overthink it. You can be grateful for the cookies you ate today, the car in the garage or the shoes on your feet.
  8. Always remember that it’s the little things that add up and reward us with a full heart.

More more tips on making a gratitude jar, visit: https://www.therisingspoon.com/2019/11/diy-gratitude-jar.html

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  1. I think that’s a great idea; a gratitude 🏺. But I don’t think it should be just a word. For example, job. It should be a sentence. That’s the problem, we’re so stuck on our phones. That we don’t get a journal and just write. I think that’s a lot better. Get people out their comfort zone and using their phone. Get a book and just write.then put it in the jar…

  2. I like this, because we do get caught up in the what we don’t have instead of All that we do have… Great Ideal…. Thank You

  3. Great idea! Thanks Steve🇹🇹

  4. Great it will the positive minds getting more good stuff.

  5. Hey l got cancer asked people for thought was my friend they gave nothing my car got 200000 thousands mile on it I have back and fore to Charlotte 2 or3 time a week I from Wv my husband and love your tv show are there anyway you can help me I know you very sweet guy love Deborah Bryant

  6. Hey Steve!
    This is a wonderful thing to do!
    I am going to do it daily but I will not beat myself up if I miss a day! Sometimes our Gratitude for one thing is so great, it may carry on into the next day!
    I start Today!
    I would like to share My first Gratitude with You,
    “I am Grateful for Randy!” (For having Him Bless Me with His Presence in My Life! My Husband Randy passed away April 15th, 2021).
    I have a replica of a Canadian Indigenous Bentwood Box I am going to use.
    Thank-You Steve for all Your Positiveness!

  7. Steve,
    I am grateful for my son. The Lord called my mom home the same year my baby was born and the month of my birthday. I am my mother’s only child, and my son is my only child. I buried my mom a day before my birthday (Jan. 18th). I don’t know what state of mind I would be in, if I didn’t have my handsome son. As rough as it is being a single mom, I am very GRATEFUL for my boy. I wish you had a mentoring group in Birmingham, AL for small boys. How about writing an interesting children’s book for boys. The boys are always left out. There are many inspirational books for girls, but none for boys. My handsome loves to read books. Think about it. Sunshine

  8. Hi Steve! I’m a freelance writer and always looking for ways to add creativity and gratitude to my life and my work. This is a brilliant idea! I’ve started doing this every single morning and it actually helps me with writing prompts and ideas. I believe it’s so important that we as a community build each other up and use ideas to move each other forward. Thank you for this and I hope to take what you have suggested and use it to inspire others.
    Shaun Lockhart

  9. I have 2 ideas that I think would be perfect for Mr. Harvey. 1) If he doesn’t have it already, the “Steve Harvey” line of men’s suit. 2) “Daddy O’s” – there are many Black men who are retired and in their 60’s and 70’s, but who are widowed or single. Back in the day, they were sharp and always well groomed. Now with no real permanent quality woman in their lives, they have ear hairs, nails not well kept and so forth. Well at a Daddy O’s establishment, Hooters looking young ladies would.cut their nails and ear hairs, with mellow jazz music playing in the background. It provides services that are nit provided in a barber shop. Mr. Harvey would be the perfect man to build and promote such a franchise. My role would be to create tbe layout and ambience for each facility and to help manage or to manage them. (NOTE: Please do not post, as these are 2 business ideas that I would like to discuss with Mr. Harvey, but had no access to privately contact him.)

  10. Thank you Mr.Harvey you are such a Awesome Man.Always trying to help and inspire oders with your kind Spirit.you are truely a Man with a Testimony. May our God continue to oder your Steps in is way.

  11. Thanks a lot for your kindness, touching and changing lives with what you got. That’s a task many don’t think of at all. You are an inspiration

  12. Hi Steve Harvey! I love to watch your videos and you are very motivational I am pretty young and I always wanted to go on family feud. I have seen many people you have inspired to do great things like this gratitude jar! I know I’m kind of like a year late but I think this is a wonderful idea to do!
    Love, Azalia Thank you Steve Harvey!

  13. I love you so much Mr. Steve Harvey, you and Beautiful Marjorie Harvey. My Mother passed last year. She never missed your show(s). She was your number one fan. I wish I could have afforded her the opportunity to meet you. She had a beautiful voice and she laughed hysterically while watching you. And if and when I came to visit, I had to watch too because she’d always insist. However I was always glad that I obliged her. When I watch you now on tv; I have great memories of Mom and I can hear her laughing saying “that’s my man right there.” Because of Mom, my husband doesn’t miss your shows or videos either and you truly are having a wonderful profound on his life as a man and father and husband. Thank you so much Mr. Steve Harvey for helping to show us the way and allowing us to still hear Mom’s voice laughing profusely whenever your show is on. Much love for you and your family. Many many more Blessings to you!!!! Thank you!!!! By the way, you’re one of my Gratefuls that I do daily.

  14. Steve,

    This is such a great idea. I’m going to start this with my family. Thank you

  15. I need a house.my daughter work at CVS.my and another daughter she is in the 10.grade.she good.i had stroke.im52..i stated in hospital for a once months. My daughter went in the army when 18.she 23old.whe have nobody to help us. I have lived alone with.i live in an apartment for 9years.i I have lived alone.want my two daughters to a house .so if something happened to me their .have some where to live. I’m praying to god.that he will send us somewhere to live. Thank you .

  16. Thanks you if you can help.and God bless in you. Can’t.god bless you.i can’t spell to well.

  17. This is so great, to be mindful of what there is to be grateful for, EVEREYDAY! I will be sharing this idea with others. Thank You Mr. Harvey

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