You seriously can’t beat this Memorial Day deal on 12 bottles of wines, delivered to your door

Is the sheltering-in-place mandate coming between you and your favorite wine bottles? Sure, heading to the liquor store isn’t exactly prohibited, but do you really want to risk getting exposed to other just for a glass of vino? Probably not, but it doesn’t mean that you can no longer get access to quality wines.

Winc Wine Delivery does the wine curation on your behalf and even delivers it straight to your doorstep. The company creates and curates over a hundred wines from all over the world, allowing you to have variety and expand your palate. With a subscription, you are given a chance to take a palate profile quiz, so you can get personalized bottle recommendations based on your answers.

Winc takes into account every single one of your responses, curates bottles that you’ll undoubtedly love, and delivers them straight to you. You might get a  Pinot Noir your first order, Cabernet Sauvignon the next, and a completely different varietal for the next delivery. As you continue to receive wines and rate them as you try them out, the personalization gets even better. And with each subsequent delivery, you’ll find that you love the new bottle even better than the last one.

Get a customized wine drinking experience with Winc Wine Delivery. For a limited time, you can get $155 worth of credit that you can use on 12 bottles for only $93.99. Cheers to Memorial Day weekend!


Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles – $93.99

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