Breathing: A Secret Weapon for Weight Loss

Let's talk Breathwork

By Dr. Roni DeLuz ND, RN, PH. D

Have you ever caught yourself holding your breath? How much time everyday do you pay attention to your breathing? Like most people, probably not much, today’s world moves at super speed and often people allow stress and distraction to interfere with the most basic health functions, like breathing. Breathing creates oxygen, which is the force of life.

I want to get you inspired about breathwork! Most people learn that the key to successful weight loss has to do with daily exercise, caloric intake, and sleep. It is true: changing one’s lifestyle to include exercise, healthy diet, sleep and regular detoxification routines will help you to lose weight. But there is a secret weapon that is often overlooked. This secret weapon is: breathwork.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is conscience breathing to promote wellness. Breathwork for wellness can be different kinds of breathing exercises for weight loss often combined with meditation and improved sleep. Breathwork can involve changing breathing patterns from slow to fast and can be done in different positions, like standing, sitting, and lying flat.

Breathwork and Weight Loss

I talk a lot about cellular health, which is oxygen delivery to the cells. Breathwork is one way to help deliver oxygen to cells. The body needs oxygen to function. Sadly, most people do not get enough oxygen due to stress, poor environment or internal and external toxins. I have been saying for years that low oxygen levels cause many diseases by causing our cellular level to form bacteria, viruses and fungi colonies, leading to disease and obesity.

We need oxygen to help the body burn fat, improve blood circulation and tone abdominal muscles. Research shows that the lungs are the main organ that burns nearly 70% of fat, which happens from breathing! This is the reason elite athletes and experienced trainers incorporate various types of breathwork and breathing techniques while training. Breathwork not only helps burn fat, but also increases athletic performance, mental clarity, energy and helps detoxification. Athletes have been known to improve sprinting times, swimming times, and increased strength due to improved breathing! The great news is everyone can benefit from breathwork to achieve their own health goals.

8 Health Benefits of Breathwork:

1. Burns fat
2. Improves immunity
3. Increases mental clarity
4. Improves memory
5. Lowers stress
6. Reduces anxiety
7. Increases feelings of joy
8. Relieves chronic pain

Tips for Practicing Breathwork

• Give your body time to adjust to breathing in a more conscience way
• Allow yourself short breaths when needed
• Avoid mouth breathing
• Set reminders on a fitness tracker or your phone to breathe
• Notice how you feel afterward and chart it

Diaphragm Breathing

Benefits: Tightens abdominal muscles, expands your lung capacity and burns calories

Time and duration:
10 minutes- 2x/day

Lying flat on floor, hands by your side and relaxed

Instructions: breathe deeply from your lower abdomen, allowing your belly to rise and fall and with each breath, breath deeper and deeper, allowing a short breath when needed.

Belly Burn Breathing

Benefits: Burns belly fat, tones your cheeks and chin

Time and duration:
10 minutes- 2x/day

Position: Sitting, standing or laying down flat

Instructions: While counting to ten inhale normally, but exhale double time, and repeat.

It goes like this:
Counting “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10” breath in normal, breath out double time, like this… “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10” “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10”
Repeat until the ten minutes are up

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  1. this is very interesting and i am going to try.

  2. Amazing! You have made some really good points here. I loved the Diaphragm Breathing.

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