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Steve Harvey’s First Big Paycheck

When I got my first big paycheck you know I went all out.

Millennials Missed The Good Music

Millennials... before autotune you actually had to sing to get a recording contract. I know, crazy right???

Anthony Anderson’s Mom Shocks Steve

You think Anthony Anderson is the funniest person in his family? Nope, it's his mother.

Steve Tries To Buy His Parents A House

When I first got money I tried to buy my parents a house, but they weren't having it.

How Steve Met His Wife Marjorie

I knew I was going marry my wife Marjorie the first second I saw her.

Steve Harvey’s Bernie Mac Impression

B Mac was one of the funniest people of all times if you could understand what he said ..... we miss you Mac Man thanks for some of the greatest moments I’ve ever had on tour.


Relationship Loopholes

A woman went viral for making a list of rules for her boyfriend. Leave it up to me to find the loopholes.

Hey Steve: I’m Trying To Reconnect With My Sister

This man is trying to reconnect with his estranged sister and asks me for help.

Kevin Hart Plays Harvey’s Hundreds

Kevin Hart surprises everyone and helps a lucky audience member win big on Harvey's Hundreds.

How Marjorie and Steve First Met

The story of how Marjorie and Steve first met ... according to Marjorie!

A Dad Does What It Takes for the Dress!

When Ricky’s daughter wanted a new dress for her formal, he wasn’t able to afford it. But he did what it took to get it - and caught the surprise on camera. For 15% off your next dress, head to NewYorkDress.com and use code Steve15 at check out!

Family Feud

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Little Big Shots

3 Times Little Big Shots Reminded Us What Love Is

Steve's guests will melt your heart.

Leave the Musical Talents to the Kids, Steve Harvey!

Leave the musical talents to the kids, Steve Harvey!

Did You Expect This Cute Grandma to Smoke Weed? Neither Did Steve.

Who says age should stop you from a good time?

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