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Steve Has a Surprise Houseguest

This "alligator" messed with the wrong home owner.

Steve Harvey’s Best Jokes About Being Broke Compilation

I had to live in my car when I was 30 years old, so now I buy cars just in case I have to live in them again.

Steve Harvey’s Best God Jokes Compilation

You don't have to be perfect to get into heaven, I just hope God's grading on a curve.

Steve’s Annoying Vegan Kids

My kids say eating meat will kill me, but at least I'll die happy!

Steve Harvey’s Worst Thanksgiving Dinner

They had 364 days to get Thanksgiving dinner right, but somehow they still got it wrong.

Steve Harvey Gets Tricked By Magician

I'm a pretty slick dude but this young magician named Jibrizy, pulled a fast one on me.


Hey Steve: Is it too Late for My Dream Career?

A professional race car driver in the Golden Years?

This Pilot Soars Playing Harvey’s Hundreds

This airline pilot and his fiancée try to land big bucks playing Harvey's Hundreds.

Hey Steve: What Are My Boyfriend’s Intentions

This woman needs help figuring out her boyfriend's intentions. Watch me cut to the chase in this #HeySteve clip.

Relationship Loopholes

A woman went viral for making a list of rules for her boyfriend. Leave it up to me to find the loopholes.

Hey Steve: I’m Trying To Reconnect With My Sister

This man is trying to reconnect with his estranged sister and asks me for help.

Kevin Hart Plays Harvey’s Hundreds

Kevin Hart surprises everyone and helps a lucky audience member win big on Harvey's Hundreds.

Family Feud

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Celebrity Family Feud

Little Big Shots

3 Times Little Big Shots Reminded Us What Love Is

Steve's guests will melt your heart.

Leave the Musical Talents to the Kids, Steve Harvey!

Leave the musical talents to the kids, Steve Harvey!

Did You Expect This Cute Grandma to Smoke Weed? Neither Did Steve.

Who says age should stop you from a good time?

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